The Addiction Referral Center

33 Main Street 
Marlborough, MA 01752

Office hours of operation

 10:00am-3:00pm Monday-Friday

12 Step Fellowship Meetings 7 days a week

see meeting schedule

Mission Statement ...
To deliver the highest quality of confidential services for persons suffering directly or indirectly from the disease of addiction and in so doing restore their dignity and respect, which all human beings so rightly deserve.

Who We Are...
The Addiction Referral Center is a not for profit 501-c-3 corporation organized
exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

The Addiction Referral Center was established 43 years ago in the City of Marlborough as a Drop In Center on Lincoln Street, by a handful of individuals who were on a quest to remain sober from alcohol addiction.  These dedicated people created a safe alternative they knew would work for them.

The ARC came to be a safe haven for all who suffered from alcoholism.  They knew they were addicted and if they were to drink again, surely they would lose everything in life.  It became the quest of ARC's members to reach out and help fellow alcoholics regain their independence and work toward the goal of increased self-sufficiency.

Today, men and women suffering from alcoholism and drug addition, come to the ARC from a local homeless shelter, local businesses, and from every walk of life. Individuals find a healthy environment where they can attend meetings and also spend time with recovering people and make lasting friendships. With the help and guidance of the Director and Board of Directors the scope of the ARC has broadened and has become an outstanding nonprofit agency that provides many extensive services to the community at large, as well as to addicted people and their families.

What We Do...
- Provide: Access to Crisis Intervention 24 hour a day hot-line (Psychiatric Emergency Services 1-800-640-5432)
- Provide: daily meetings and welcome all to the drop-in center to enjoy fellowship and a healing, healthy environment, where one can spend time with their peers.
- Provide: referrals and education both to the alcohol and chemical dependent individual and to the significant others in their lives.
- Provide: education and outreach about chemical dependency to the community at large, including schools, courts, other municipal agencies and area industries. 
- Provide:Insure quality care for those afflicted by chemical dependency through referrals to appropriate in-patient and outpatient services.                                         
- Provide: aftercare to the sober individual who completed a treatment program.     
- Provide: support and enhance the dignity and well-being of people attempting to recover from chemical dependency.              
- Provide: educational materials and resources for multi-cultural groups and organizations.
- Provide: speakers for area schools, businesses and organizations, informing all on the danger of addition, introducing them to the many resources available at The ARC.

- Institute self sufficient fund raising projects and activities for all services, with the goal of receiving public and private funds to achieve our above stated mission(s).
- Work closely with the courts for
the rehabilitation of chemically dependent offenders.Providing court mandated community service opportunities.