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A New Home for the ARC


The ARC Receives Cummings Foundation Grant

The ARC has been awarded a $100,000 grant!
  Board President, Ernie Kapopoulos and ARC Executive Director, Marie Cheetham attended the 2017 $100K for 100 Grant Winner Celebration to accept the official award certificate.

For several years now the ARC has been finding ever greater numbers of people enter its offices requiring services of our Recovery Coach’s and seeking to attend any one of the (25) Twelve Step recovery meetings held at the facility weekly.

So great are the numbers that ARC must hold weekend meetings at a local church hall.  Seeing our need, the Cummings Foundation has taken a central role in kicking off the “Home for the ARC” campaign.  You will be hearing more from us soon as this campaign brings to reality our acquisition of a new home and assures the ARC will long remain an enduring social value to the recovery community in the Greater Marlboro-Hudson area.

Cummings Foundation awards $10 million each year through its $100K for 100 grant program.
This place-based philanthropic initiative primarily supports nonprofits in the Massachusetts counties where the Foundation and its founders originally derived their funds and where staff and clients of the Cummings organization live – Middlesex, Essex, and Suffolk County.





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